Human Trafficking Using the Web

Human Trafficking, defined in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, is the organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited. It is considered to be modern day slavery in which people, mostly children and women, are forced to do many different acts against their will. These people are usually the people who have gone missing or were kidnapped by the people who organize the criminal act for money. There are many ways people are getting taken by the people who behind the crime. In the modern age, the web is used to lure people into places where they are kidnapped and are then sold or forced to do acts such as sex and forced labor. One instance is when a 19-year old girl was offered of a modeling job over the internet. She was instructed to go to a hotel room to wait for someone. In there, she was then sold by the offender for an hourly rate for sex. Another instance is when people meet online. There have beem cases where strangers would meet and become well acquainted online with victims. The stranger would then ask to meet with the victim, usually in a secluded area, and kidnap or use the victim for whatever purpose they had intended to do. These are just a few of the many ways people are becoming victims of human trafficking. Even thought the web has granted people new ways to further human trafficking, there are those who have found a way to use the web to combat human trafficking. An example would be thecreation of a new internet search engine technology, Memex, developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced research Projects Agency) During Frberuary of 2015. This new search engine technology will help in better presenting, organizing, and discovering data on the internet. DARPA which is also a U.S. Department of Defense agency, claims that it was made to combat human trafficking in the first place. We all know how dangerous the world we can be, but we need to be ready for whatever danger might come. Being knowledgeable and careful will help us stay safe and not become another victim of human trafficking. This will definitely help those whose jobs are saving people from the disgraceful act.


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